Fixing Sewer Pipe Issues with Hydro Jetting

Sewer pipe issues can be a HUGE pain because they crop up at the worst times and the first thoughts anyone has when there is a sewer pipe issue is how much will this cost me and how much damage is this going to do to the pipes, the yard, etc.? What if we told you we could take care of the issue fairly easily and painlessly using more water pushing hard and fast through the clogged pipe? It’s called Hydro Jetting or Hydro Jet Plumbing and we specialize in it.


The Power of Hydro Jetting


The name implies exactly what the process does. Let’s break it down: We use a lot of water pressure to push whatever is clogging the sewer pipe. A hydrojet has a nozzle attached to a hose that can reach up to 5,000psi. When we push the hose through the sewer line, the water pressure itself propels the hose through the pipe.


Because the water pressure is so strong, hydrojet plumbing allows us to bore through tree roots that may have pushed their way into the pipe. The hydro jetting will crush anything in its path and push it out of the pipe. But, it won’t damage the pipe in any way.  This is important to remember because old fashioned sewer pipe cleaning involved sometimes digging into the ground to the clog in the sewer line, cutting a hole into the pipe and digging the clog out.  Hydrojet plumbing eliminates that need. It even allows us to clear out tough drains in bend drains and other tough-to-get-to traps.


You might even want to consider cleaning your sewer pipes BEFORE any issues crop up. Hydrojetting will make your pipes as clean as the day they were installed! Give us a call!