Sewer Cleaning

The last thing anyone wants in his or her home is a clogged sewer drain. Sewer cleaning is farthest from our minds until it’s too late.  There are ways to ensure clean sewer lines without going through the rigmarole of traditional sewer cleaning. One of the best solutions is hydro jetting or hydrojet plumbing.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting does exactly what it sounds like. A hydrojet is a hose with a very powerful nozzle that pushes water out at extreme pressure, sometimes surpassing 35,000psi. Trust us, that’s a lot of pressure. What’s interesting about hydrojet plumbing is the hose is just pushed through the pipe and is often self-propelled making sewer cleaning faster and easier.

Why Would I Use Hydro Jetting?

For some people, sewage lines can be regularly blocked. This is often caused by poor connections between newer pipes and older copper pipes or, tree roots pushing into the pipes making it difficult to get out by hand.  Traditional sewer cleaning involved boring a hole near the blockage and digging the clog out. Hydro Jetting is more powerful but it also allows us to get into areas where the traditional sewer cleaning method was more difficult and could be very expensive; this would include the drain from the toilet bowl as well as P-traps and other bend drains.

Another great advantage of hydrojet plumbing is zero damage to your PVC pipes.

If you need a sewer or drain cleaned quickly and efficiently, give us a call and see how hydro jetting can work for you!